Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mary Magdalene Speaks......

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Our energetic soul signature continues to emanate Light, intelligence and Love whether we are incarnate in the body or if we have moved beyond the body and reside in the spiritual realms.  Because of that, it is possible to contact those Beings who have transitioned beyond the physical and who now reside in dimensions generally accessed outside the range of the five senses.  The Soul self transmits intelligence in the same way a radio broadcasts its information and programs.  The person residing in the physical merely tunes their mind to connect with that Soul residing in the spiritual.  That being said, the post on this site titled, "Who was Mary Magdalene?" has received enough traffic that I thought it would be worth attempting contact with Mary Magdalene herself to see if she had anything she'd like to say to the readers coming this way.  This is what transpired via verbal transmission May 12, 2013.

Dear Ones~
We welcome you to this gathering.  I come to you as the one known as Mary Magdalene whose final incarnation within the earth plane took place during the time of the Christ drama over 2000 years ago.

Many upon the earth are awakening to higher states of consciousness.  The veils between dimensions have thinned as many upon the earth plane open to higher wisdoms and Truth.  Many are awakening for there is a pull, a calling to know and experience Love, to know and experience our true Divine nature.  

My earth walk as Mary Magdalene was the culmination of many incarnations as I too learned to awaken to the Unity principle of my Divine union with Creator energetic intelligence.  There are many still steeped in the illusion of separation and dogmatic application and misinterpretation of religious teachings.  We say unto you that All is as One.  The nature of God, of Divinity, is Unity.  There is no separation between ourselves and each other, ourselves and the world around us, from the smallest insect to the largest mammals, to the Earth herself, to the waters, the air and wind, the sun, the stars, the galaxies.  Through non-judgement, the opportunity to experience higher and higher states of consciousness, in addition to great joys and peace, is available for experience by each and every Holy Son and Holy Daughter birthed from the God of our collective Being.

Anger and attack are merely internal frustrations and misinterpretations of who we are in relation to one another and Source energy. It is likened to a temper tantrum of sorts which takes place within every burst of anger and attack.  The awakened one, begins to question himself or herself when triggers present themselves.  A diligent and committed approach to transmuting the ego and the separation thought system of the ego is required for the lower based reactions and actions to be tamed and overcome.

Those of us in the Spirit realms walk with you in intimate proximity and lend our assistance throughout the eons of time so that all who slumber will awaken to their true nature of Divine Holy Beings as one with the God of our Being.  Willingness to correct and shift perception and erroneous thinking and erroneous action acts as one of the most profound catalysts for healing and change.  Stillness or meditation brings tremendous movements and openings for the small self to connect with the God Self, the Creator Self, however, ample opportunity exists within the daily movements of ones life.  Merely being aware of ones thoughts throughout the day makes life a moving meditation.  The yoga of action becomes the method to awakening.

For those who might question the validity of this channel, of this teaching, remember the Infinite nature of the Soul which exists long after the physical body is released.  The Soul aspect, the Soul frequency or signature, continues its beautiful expression of Light and Love as it seeks evermore to know and understand the infinite magnificence and Mystery of God as Light and Love.

We reiterate to you our devotion and our Love for all of humanity, which remains a constant undercurrent for life in the physical.  The beautiful Earth upon which you live, provides every opportunity in her continuous flow of unconditional love to practice and remember Truth. The Earth Mother provides sustenance in the forms of beauty, nourishment, shelter, lifestyle, and relationship, but essentially through Love as the basis of everything, to remember. To be able to embrace and understand, through action and non-action, that Love is the pulse of creation helps bring meaning to incarnations through the Earth plane.  Her many gifts given freely and without need of reciprocation provide the opportunity for life itself to blossom and remember the Truth that All is One.

I send you forth with the Highest Vibrations of Love and Light. Know I am available to each and every one who seeks to know the Christ Light as infinite and as One.

Devotionally yours,

I AM Mary Magdalene
So It Is

In Light,
A friend on the wisdom path