Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mary Magdalene Speaks: Two

Greetings, dear Ones.  We welcome you to this gathering.  I come in service to the One Infinite Creator to assist those who journey on earth, to remember who they truly are and to make sense of the difficult challenges that sometimes present themselves in human form.  Every dilemma is but a call to heal and transform the illusion of separation. I offer you a perspective that the work you are engaged in does indeed make every difference.  Your efforts are applauded by every Angel, Archangel and Light Being who watches with dear admiration and infinite support, your voyage of discovery and Divine expression.

There are many upon the earth plane who stumble, but I wish to remind you to remain diligent in your own journey of transformation and healing.  Forgiveness is one of many tools available to the initiate or seeker on the path.  Your destiny awaits you and so we offer assistance from the Light realms that bring a quickening to your seeking hearts.  Be still and know our union with God, as expressed through the Divine Mother, urges you forward in devoted delight and unconditional love.  We gladly offer our support and instructions from the Spirit realms and embrace your journey in unconditional Love.  For Love allows all things. The center point of non-judgement is your key to the Kingdom.

Be still and know, All is well and All is as it should be.  In great Love and devotion, we bow to your glorious Light and your radiant Self.

So It IS.

In High devotion and Love,


In service to the One,

I Am Mary Magdalene

channeled by Diana Anderson 1.15.2014
A friend on the Path