Saturday, April 5, 2014

I Was Punked By a Ghost....Twice!

Meet my new friend, Erik.  He is a ghost.  I say that tongue in cheek because he actually is an untethered Soul which simply means his experience at this moment is outside the physical constructs and limitations of the human body. 

I had been reading a blog called, written by a woman, Elisa Medhus, M.D.  She has five children, but her son, Erik, who struggled with bipolar disease, took his own life at the age of 20.  Raised as an atheist and entrenched in the left brained orientation of science and medicine, her grief knew no bounds when she lost her son.  Thus began her search to understand death and dying and the possibility of Life after life.  Elisa studied quantum physics, the science of death, NDE's (Near Death Experiences) and eventually mediumship.  In her desperation, she was willing to explore anything to alleviate her grief and despair.

I heard about this blog from a friend of mine who lost her husband unexpectedly a year and a half ago.  She hasn't even really looked into the blog,, but I was intrigued and began perusing the site.  I noticed that as Erik's abilities (and remembrances) in Spirit grew, he was able to manipulate objects in the physical as a means to reassure his family and friends that he was "alive" in a sense and still available to them.  I also read that he was a great prankster in body and continued that trait even in Spirit form.  I didn't read any examples but had an awareness that he had been known to Punk readers of the blog.

I was skiing with friends in Deer Valley, Utah in January 2014 when we stopped for lunch.  Even though there is a secure and free place to store skis at the lodge, I never worry about my skis being stolen, especially at a place like Deer Valley where there seems to be an abundance of wealth and great skis everywhere.  I put my skis next to my friend's custom made Bohemia skis.  While we were on the deck, we put our coats and gloves at a table before going inside to order our food. 

"Is it safe to leave our things?", my friend's wife, Andrea, asked.

"This is Deer Valley! And yes, no worries," I said.

"That would not be possible in France," my French friend said.

After we finished eating, we went to get our skis but mine were nowhere to be found.  I saw a guy watching us and smiling while we walked around in an incredulous state of mind.  I told Andrea and Jean-Luc to take a couple of runs while I waited to see if anyone came back with my skis but they wouldn't hear of leaving me.  

The guy who had been watching us from a short distance away said, "Did you lose some blue K2's?" he asked, still smiling mischievously.
"No," I said slowly, completely distracted and confused, "They were purple Rossignol's."
He said nothing while still smiling.  He didn't say, "Good luck finding them," he didn't say, "I'm so sorry!".  He just grinned and walked toward his friends who were preparing to ski.

Meanwhile, I suggested to Jean-Luc that we go to the ski corral and make a report for Lost & Found.  As we walked toward the corral I said, "You know how a person goes to the grocery store, picks up an item, say cheese, then goes to another part of the store, finds a different or better cheese and leaves the item there instead of returning it to its proper location after the trade?  Maybe that's what happened," I said.

Just then Jean-Luc noticed a pair of skis, upside down, in the last ski stand and right next to them were my poles! They were the only skis in the whole rack.  Why would someone carry my skis and poles if they were stealing the skis?  If they really did take the skis on purpose, they surely would have left my old beat up poles.  If they had accidentally taken the wrong skis, they probably would have had to walk back to get their own skis and likely would have simply returned mine to their original location.  Not only that, why wouldn't the person who took my skis take the custom made Bohemia's right next to mine, instead? I started thinking about that guy who asked me if I was missing blue K2's:  he never offered reassuring words of encouragement.  He just continued grinning impishly as he went on his merry way.

Once we started skiing again, it came to me that I had been teased by that kid Erik I had been reading about.  Later that night, Andrea and I were at a restaurant in Park City before we went to a Sundance movie.  I saw a guy who looked like Ashton Kutcher come in to the restaurant.  I don't know if he was in town for the festival, but it reminded me of the TV show he had where he thought up elaborate ways to punk his friends and capture it on film.  When I got home, I looked through the book, "My Son and The Afterlife" written my Elisa, Erik's mom.  Erik explains there isn't much an untethered Soul can't do, including moving objects by altering the energy field around the object.  They can even visit "in disguise" as another person!  There are several examples in the book and on the blog of people who have been visited, teased and pranked by Erik.

I'm convinced he wrecked my iPhone too.  Suddenly my iPhone wouldn't keep a charge.  It literally drained overnight despite the fact that it was plugged in.  I took it to the Apple Store where they said they would try something to fix it, but I might need a new phone even though it was in great condition and was only a few months old. It held for 24 hours then it drained again.  I took it back to the Apple Store where they exchanged my old phone for a brand new one at no charge (I love Apple).  They helped me set it up and when it came to life, the background on the phone was almost exactly like the cover on the book, "My Son and the Afterlife".  Untethered Souls work with electronics fairly easily, it turns out! I laughed and realized I needed to share this story and bring some additional awareness to the blog.

When entering the blog site for, read the backstory on the right side of the page then go into the archives.  You can read from the first entries and see the progression of Erik's transition into the Spirit realms or read any of the entries in any order.  The information is remarkable and comforting.  The author, Elisa, didn't think she believed in an afterlife but her grief eventually led her to mediumship.  One of the traits that Erik had when alive in body was a mild case of Tourette's Syndrome. His personality, his traits and mannerisms all came through during the early sessions of working with a well known medium and that helped Erik's mom have hope that communicating with her deceased son was possible and that it was indeed him.

Most of us know someone who has died and we will each die out of this life one day.  Check out the blog: there is reassurance and information that might lead you to possibilities never before considered.

In Love & Light,

A friend on the Path

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mary Magdalene Speaks: Two

Greetings, dear Ones.  We welcome you to this gathering.  I come in service to the One Infinite Creator to assist those who journey on earth, to remember who they truly are and to make sense of the difficult challenges that sometimes present themselves in human form.  Every dilemma is but a call to heal and transform the illusion of separation. I offer you a perspective that the work you are engaged in does indeed make every difference.  Your efforts are applauded by every Angel, Archangel and Light Being who watches with dear admiration and infinite support, your voyage of discovery and Divine expression.

There are many upon the earth plane who stumble, but I wish to remind you to remain diligent in your own journey of transformation and healing.  Forgiveness is one of many tools available to the initiate or seeker on the path.  Your destiny awaits you and so we offer assistance from the Light realms that bring a quickening to your seeking hearts.  Be still and know our union with God, as expressed through the Divine Mother, urges you forward in devoted delight and unconditional love.  We gladly offer our support and instructions from the Spirit realms and embrace your journey in unconditional Love.  For Love allows all things. The center point of non-judgement is your key to the Kingdom.

Be still and know, All is well and All is as it should be.  In great Love and devotion, we bow to your glorious Light and your radiant Self.

So It IS.

In High devotion and Love,


In service to the One,

I Am Mary Magdalene

channeled by Diana Anderson 1.15.2014
A friend on the Path