Friday, May 25, 2012

Held in the Arms of Perfect Forgiveness

Mother Nature gives to us endlessly, no matter what thought word or deed we have expressed. She provides nourishment, shelter and Life itself, unreservedly and without judgement. She gives to us ceaselessly and unconditionally. The Divine Mother loves us, feeds us, shelters us and clothes us without condition, so we can look to Her example when we are living our own lives and trying to live in the realms of acceptance and allowance.

The barometer for whether or not we are in alignment with Love is how we are feeling. If we have judged ourselves or another, we probably aren't feeling joy in it's fullest.  If you want to feel better, forgive.  Forgiveness born of Truth teaches us that the world is merely a projection of our own mind.  What we see in another is offering us the opportunity to heal ourselves and to bring our conscious awareness into a higher movement of expression.  When we are frustrated, angry, or judgemental, or conversely, even happy, loving and accepting, we are simply seeing that part of ourselves reflected back to us-the good, the bad, the ugly, the innocent, the beautiful, the intelligent, the generous; whatever we see, is in us.

So what or who do we forgive? We forgive ourselves. If we pass judgement on another or ourselves, which we have all done a million times, and then think, "Well, that person has wronged me but because I am better than them, because I know better, because I am right and they are wrong, because I know everything and they know nothing, then I will forgive them" (because it's the Christian or spiritual thing to do, because I'm better than they are, because it's expected of me, because I'll go to hell if I don't!). Most of the issues we feel sad, depressed or guilty about are because we have judged another person or ourselves.

We are reminded in "A Course in Miracles" that, "Fear binds the world. Forgiveness sets it free." And in Gary Renard's book, "The Disappearance of the Universe," he explains that the mind projects everything, observes its own projection from a different and seemingly separate point of view, and then interprets that perception as fact. Human beings blame each other constantly for their suffering and discontent and we go to war over these differences at the personal level or the collective. Be accountable for how you experience your world by recognizing it is our inner world being projected outward and then be willing to change.  A willingness to see life differently is all it takes. "I am willing to forgive MYSELF for seeing this person or situation in a conflicting, argumentative, fearful way." And in, "The Way of Mastery" published by the foundation, we are counciled that, "When you judge, you have moved out of alignment with what is true. You have decreed that the innocent are not innocent and then you have declared that about yourself.  Therefore, to practice forgiveness actually cultivates the quality of consciousness in which you finally come to forgive yourself. And it is the forgiven who remember their Divinity."

We are not separate from the Divine Mother, the trees, or each other. Let us unite through the beautiful practice of self-forgiveness.

In Love and Light,
A friend on the path

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dreams and Bees go Together

Understanding the hidden messages in dreams is like harvesting honey from the beehive. We have to sift through the layers, scrape off the excess wax of our consciousness in order to reap the sweet honey of our Higher consciousness.  How do we access our own highest wisdom?  How do we align with that Goddess Wisdom within each of us- that all knowing Presence which illumines our Soul and brings unmanifest expression into and through the physical form of our everyday experiences?  What tools or methods bring us into alignment and communication with our Soul-Self, our Higher Self, our God Self?  There are a variety of ways, easily practiced, that require nothing more than a willingness to know and the presence of mind to ask first, move into stillness and then receive the information.  Meditation is one technique, journaling or writing is another method, Shamanism, which is a spiritual practice dating back tens of thousands of years, and dream interpretation, just to name a few.

These modalities assist us in bridging the unconscious Mind with the conscious mind.  With dream interpretation, we merely need a technique or method to decipher the symbology and hidden messages.  Through this conscious participation in understanding those veiled aspects of ourselves which influence our daily lives in one way or another, we can become more aware and present.  We can heal old wounds, face current challenges and opportunities, gain insight to new directions we might take and understand ourselves and each other more completely. Through that understanding we can walk more peacefully and joyfully through our lives.

Many people don't remember their dreams or think they might not dream at all, but all of us dream during different phases of the sleep cycle. The best way I have found is outlined in Robert Johnson's book, "Inner Work".  Start by having a journal and pen next to your bed to record the dreams you remember.  Before going to sleep, impress the intention to recall the dream by saying something like, "I will to remember my dreams".  Say it three times to yourself.  If you wake in the middle of the night, you'll have to rouse yourself to write it down, otherwise you won't remember it by morning no matter how clear it seems at the time.  It's easiest to recall the dream if you don't wake up with an alarm but most of us don't have that luxury.  Record the dream with as much detail as possible.

Ideally, the next step in decoding the dream would take place however, even if daily life takes precedence over the contemplative, the dream messages and meanings will now be easily understood even days after the initial dream came through.  Each symbol in the dream has a message so I usually divide my page in half vertically with the word or symbol from the dream on the left and then words of free association to that symbol on the right.  ie:  Sensible shoes.... walking through life, thinking sensibly, practical choices   Running Shoes...  running to something or away from something, hurrying, racing, exercise, moving quickly in a new direction  Two Kisses... intimacy, twice as good, Hershey kisses, sweetness, double meaning.  The practice is to freely associate the symbols into your own language of understanding.  If a person does not care for coffee, that symbol will have a different meaning and interpretation than for a person who loves coffee and drinks it daily or someone who loves coffee but is allergic to it.

After free association for each image in the dream, you can link the images together and create a short story of interpretation and understanding.  "I was wearing sensible shoes and running toward a man I know who is a successful artist" could be interpreted as, "I tend to think logically and sensibly but my Soul Self is asking me to move with urgency toward taking the art class I read about two weeks ago."

Eat the honey and know Thy Self!

In Light and Love,

a friend on the path

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Esoteric insight into the Resurrection

We crucify ourselves everyday with thoughts of inadequacy, guilt,  criticism of ourselves and others, judgements, & fears of every description past, present and future. Everyday we have multiple opportunities to choose love or fear, to resurrect ourselves or crucify ourselves.
The esoteric teaching of the cross is seeing the vertical axis as our connection to the Divine, the Unmanifest, Source, our infinite Holy selves while the horizontal axis is our movement through time within the physical confines of the body or form.
The crown of thorns is nothing more than our limited, fearful, judgemental thoughts. We each choose daily whether or not to wear the thorns or choose the freedom and truth of love and loving thoughts.
The nails are our rigid, cold, hardened positioning against ourselves and each other. They keep us bound to the limitations of thinking the world around us is what is real and that by our ego based judgements we will somehow be able to protect ourselves against death.
If we go deeper into the promise and hope demonstrated by the crucifixion and resurrection, we can realize we are in a position to choose fear or Love, judgement or Forgiveness, the crucifixion or the Resurrection. Let each of us make the grandest contribution we can make to the world and ourselves and to that Divine Light pulsing through us all. Teach only Love means represent Right Action by demonstrating kindness, compassion and non-judgement in every moment. Free will means we are at choice. What will you choose?
Be still and know that I Am God
Be still and know that I Am
Be still and know
Be still
Sending out Blessings of Light and Rememberance on this Easter day of Resurrection.
Your friend on the path
Photo by Lisa Winston
Boulder, Colorado

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Now is the time for you to awaken, set aside the veil of forgetting
And put off the cloak of limitation.
Now is the time to stand up
In Love and Power,
And let your Light shine.

From "Beyond Limitations, The Power of Conscious Co-Creation" by Stuart Wilson & Joanna Prentis

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Black Madonna

Black Madonna:  The one who calls us to see beyond the mundane, to see the eternal is all around us and also the Divine spark within each of us. She calls us to see beyond the expected, to grasp the greater picture, beyond which is perceived by the ego alone. To see with eyes of the Immaculate Heart, to see with eyes of the divine child--wholly innocent. The Black Madonna, La Virgin Negra, Black Virgin Mother. She is mother mild and tender, mother most alert and tending, mother most fierce and protective, and mother who heals the worst of the wounded. We are incubated by her Infinite embrace.

~from "Untie the Strong Woman" by Clarissa Pincola Estes, PhD

Tree Goddess wisdom

It's as if the image of her soul rose to the surface, who will see me? This tree symbolizes a complete metaphor of the sacred feminine in all her creation.  Gentle and strong, her image is surrounded by the shape of a heart so perfectly placed as if to show the most intimate part of woman. If you unlock her heart, you will gain access to her soul, and her true souls beauty. As a women in general, this sweet spot has been cloaked under layers of protection.  We are now rising up, ripping off the layers one by one, and discovering that within this chamber, is the magic of who we are.  Joseph Campbell draws a stunning parallel between the womb of woman, and the universe. Pure in creation, giving life, love, and nurturing.  Through photosynthesis we breathe what the tree exhales. Deeply rooted in the earth, a tree provides us with so many nurturing gifts. Shade, shelter, food, breath, and fire as she dies, preparing the way for new growth. She is also home to the winged ones, who build their nest in her branches, and fly into her interior for protection from the storms of life. Just like a child returns to it's mother for comfort and protection from human storms.  In the womb space of this tree goddess you will see a nest so appropriately nestled in the cavity of her belly. And what a joy to see the bird that calls this home. 

 Then there is the unseen part of the tree, the root system. The grand redwood trees are feminine. When the mother tree dies, the burls attached to her trunk, are released from the trauma of her death, stimulating these pods. The seeds then give birth to the ring of daughter trees around her. Those daughter trees absorb the sunlight that was stored in her bones, and they continue to sustain nutrients from her strong and stable root system.  The daughters grow independent of their mother, but continue to sustain themselves through the unseen parts below ground. Perhaps this explains our deep connection to the ancestors. When you consider the ebb and flow of life and death, and understand the role nature plays, it can be a very grand and humbling process. 

As I was driving down the road, in my state of contemplation and meditation, my peripheral vision caught a glimpse of this image. I pulled to the side of the road and stood in awe as I stared at the "Woman in the tree!" How does this happen? Has anyone else noticed? How could you miss it? It has caused deep reflection as I have uncovered the message for me. I felt I needed to share this wonderment with those who stumble upon it. Unplug every now and again when your in the car. Turn off your phone, and notice nature passing by. It may just amaze you when you see the hidden messages just outside of your window.  Within nature are metaphors so beautiful, they can answer your prayers, and give insight to the concerns you face every day. 

Carpe Diem Seize the day!
Carpe Noctem Seize the night!

Lord, the air smells good today, 

straight from the mysteries
within the inner courts of God.
A grace like new clothes thrown
across the garden, free medicine for everybody.
The trees in their prayer, the birds in praise,
the first blue violets kneeling.
Whatever came from Being is caught up in being, drunkenly
forgetting the way back.  ~rumi~