Sunday, February 10, 2013

How Do We Discern Truth from Falsehood?

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Truth is the nature of our Divine Reality. How do we accept or even understand our True nature? What is our life purpose and why are we here? How do we begin to awaken to the those inspired aspects of who we are when the mundane demands of our day to day life seem to consume every minute of our day? Every moment of our day is actually Divine Intelligence in motion and that Divinity allows all things through the practice of free will expression. Creation is the birth of galaxies, stars, planets, trees, every atom and molecule of water, air, fire and earth. And as humans, we are That.  We are not separate from each other or any part of the world around us. The Divine Creator Intelligence animates us, breathes us, expresses through us, teaches us and sustains us through our every action and thought that we experience as human Beings on this extraordinary planet called Earth.

Now, what we would propose, is the nature of personal reality as the access point for understanding your own soul consciousness. This is indeed the primary focal point with which to consider how your orientation to the world brings you the information to shift and change into higher realms of expression and consciousness. We offer unto you the Truth of Unity Consciousness.  All are One.

There is a teaching among you written by a Master, David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., who realized a method for discerning teachings and teachers of Truth and even a method for calibrating consciousness as expressed by different individuals,  specific concepts, spiritual texts and practices.  The calibration method used was that of muscle testing or kinesiology to a high degree of accuracy of nearly 99 percent; the body being understood as a scale, an interface between the spiritual and physical aspects of who we are.

A scale accurately measures the weight of an object thus the body acts as an indicator in measuring concepts, physical imbalance and its root cause, and even spiritual teachings. Dr. Hawkins realized that all in this world calibrates on a scale of 1 to 1000.  The higher the calibration, the more closely it aligns with Truth as the nature of our Reality. At the most simple level, kinesiological testing can be used as an indicator for "yes" or "no". If an individual holds an orange at the navel of the body, the muscle will test strong, indicating a "yes" answer. If an individual holds a packet of artificial sweetener, universally, the body goes weak, indicating a "no" answer.  Fresh fruit is healthy for the body, artificial sweetener weakens the body. Thousands of tests were performed ultimately creating a Map of Consciousness Scale.

Through his research, Dr. Hawkins determined that anything above the level of 200, that of integrity, orients toward Truth and anything below 200 orients toward Falsehood. Below 200 are life expressions that present as Pride, Anger, Fear, Grief, Apathy, Guilt and Shame. Above 200, life expresses itself through Courage, Willingness, Acceptance, Reason, Love, Joy, Peace and ultimately higher and higher levels of Enlightenment. The book, "Power vs. Force" is Dr. Hawkins groundbreaking work on this subject and his complete works available through, assist individuals in transcending the ego to align with their True Self, the Higher Self, The All That Is.

What we see and experience through the lens of our own perception, reflects back to us the condition of our own consciousness.  When the world is seen through the dirty lens of fear or anger, that is our own indicator that there is an aspect of ourselves that we are being invited to transform and change.  When we see the good in people, we see our own goodness. When we glimpse potentiality for greatness in another, we know that exists within our own selves, and when we wish to know if we are on the right path, know that every path is a path to Source. Imagine the spokes of a wheel. Every spoke is connected to the center and every spoke is a path. We are each on a different point on the wheel but we are all headed to the same destination. Toward the One.

In Light,
A friend on the Path,


  1. This is beautiful Ram, thanks for such light and wisdom all the time:)

  2. Thanks, Ramula! Takes One to know're amazing.