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Who was Mary Magdalene?

Mary Magdalene

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I love this artist's image of a powerful feminine goddess woman stepping into our consciousness, fully intact.

Through the efforts of Stuart Wilson & Joanna Prentis and their work with past life regression using hypnosis, many of the mysteries surrounding Mary Magdalene and the Hidden Story of the Women Disciples emerged and can be read in its entirety under the title, "Power of the Magdalene".   Mary Magdalene was spiritually equal to Jesus (Yeshua) though there were many who misunderstood her position and stature within the inner circle of disciples. Her rigorous training  in the Egyptian temples of Isis prepared her as one who would anchor in the Cosmic Mother principles of Unity and Truth. A cousin of Yeshua (Jesus), through Joseph of Arimathea (brother of Mother Mary) and Mary of Magdala, Mary Magdalene was born in 4BC. Her spiritual understanding nearly equaled that of MaryAnna (Mother Mary) who also was a High Priestess in the Temples of Isis.

 In "Pistis Sophia The Gnostic Tradition of Mary Magdalene, Jesus and his Disciples" translated by G.R.S. Mead, Jesus himself recognizes Mary Magdalene for her high understandings of his teachings and recognizes her stature and equality with the other disciples.  In Chapter 25 of the First Book of Pistis Sophia, Jesus (Yeshua) says, "Well said, Mary; you question finely with your excellent question and you throw light on all things with surety and precision."  In Chapter 87, he refers to Mary Magdalene by saying, "Well said, spiritual and pure Mary." And in Chapter 17 of the First Book says, "Mary, blessed one, whom I will teach and perfect in all mysteries, speak openly, you whose heart is raised to the kingdom of heaven more than all thy bretheren."

Another extraordinary source of information on the Christ drama comes from the channeled work of Claire Heartsong, "Anna, Grandmother of Jesus" and "Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes" by Claire Heartsong and Catherine Ann Clement, both available through Amazon.com or www.lightrivermedia.com.

My own verbal transmission of channeled information dated Tuesday, February 26, 2013 follows:

Regarding Mary Magdalene who was the balancing aspect for the Christ drama, represented the Divine Mother aspects, the Feminine Energies of creation.  She was related by bloodline but was also a spiritual adept whose incarnation was pre-ordained as an integral piece of the Angelic Hierarchy's plan for planetary awakening.  Consciousness during that period was steeped in fear and dogmatic application of Jewish Law and interpretations.

While Yeshua's place in the Christ drama was one of sharp contrast to prevalent thought and practice, Mary Magdalene's was one of anchoring and steady support.  Blessed with her own strong will and determination, she was able to rise above prevalent ideas of women's place in society as unequal and merely in servitude to the masculine. While she did support the Cosmic process for planetary awakening, she did so as a strong leader in her own right, a leader in the different circles of esoteric teachings and applications. This helped create a foundation for other women and initiates within the Essene community, especially, to initiate and expand the teachings of Truth and Unity as the Way. Her own spiritual understandings and practices of High Love enabled her to  use these as a tool for teaching and as a tool for support and strengthening of Yeshua's energy fields which were crucial for his own resurrection, and indeed, ascension.

Mary Magdalene was a High Initiate within the inner circle of disciples.  Yeshua surrounded himself with women and men for he understood the importance and relevancy of balance within the structure of the Cosmos and how those same energies unified within the physical plane. Masculine and Feminine have equal validity and strength in serving the Whole, in serving the One. Mary Magdalene and Yeshua came together to unify, to teach Unity and Wholeness through the Love Principle of non-judgement and forgiveness. Their deep love and Soul recognition was ignited in the moment of their first meeting. And while trained independently of each other, each was prepared and initiated to enact and hold space for the resurrection, the demonstration of the resurrection which brought awareness to the people that the body was merely a communication device for Spirit and not the evidence for misinterpretation of Divinity.

However, the Romans and indeed many practicing Jewish leaders, as well as the climate of the time,  determined to compromise and eradicate the teachings of The Way, The Way of Truth. Mary Magdalene was a target of that movement so was discounted and blasphemied in ways that perpetuated domination of women and the silencing of the Cosmic Mother aspect. Stories were circulated to discredit Mary Magdalene, and even Mother Mary was put aside as a docile and obedient presence, one to emulate quietly.

The legacy of Mary Magdalene and the other female disciples is now being brought back into human consciousness as many awaken to the drum beat, the call of Unity Consciousness, Truth and Wholeness as their rightful inheritance and the Truth of our Divine Nature.

We send you forth in the Highest vibrations of Light and Love, in service to the One, The All That Is.
In Love and Light, we guide you in Truth.

And So It Is.

In Light & Love,

A friend on the Wisdom Path

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  1. It is very very difficult, going just by the standard Gospels alone, to remove Mary Magdalene and the role of several other women too, from the highest elements of consecration concerning the Son of God. Indeed, it is impossible. The power of the Eucharist, is generally missing the validly remembered proclamation of the Resurrection, by the first witness to it - which establishes the genuine and correct role of a female or a woman, if you will, as priestess in this ceremony. And it is not at all clear, going from history, that no women ever followed in the complete sacrificial role of Christ in toto either, for one obvious instance, Joan of Arc. The Paulian 'Christian' ideology, betrays a wilful and problematic bias against women - one that Jesus Christ himself never had or showed, and is not reflected in the Gospels either. I would go so far as to say the power of the Sacrament of the Eucharist is realistically completed by the presence of a priestess. No other view is legitimate; Paul never ever met Jesus in physical reality, but his stubborn egocentric views pervade most churches. Which, I suppose, is the meaning of 'enter by the narrow door,' the one most people try to avoid. But if you want to know the Truth, it is UNavoidable.