Monday, March 18, 2013

The Way of Mastery

"Surrender all thought of what you know and have believed." 
Channeled by John Marc Hammer and published by The Shanti Christo Foundation (,The Way of Mastery is the extraordinary teaching of "The Way" as taught by Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) to teach only Love. Shanti Christo means, "Peace of the Anointed One", an awakened state which empowers all individuals to awaken the Divine Self of which we are all an integral part. It is a way unknown to the world for it is a pathway which calls us to bring attention to our own mind, to notice our own behaviors so that through constant introspection, we retrain the mind so it "assumes complete responsibility in every moment". If we are to truly know Peace, we must diligently surrender the error of "separation consciousness".

Rest in gratitude to the One who has birthed you.
Ask only to be revealed for you greater truth, greater wisdom, 
greater capacity to know and extend perfect Love, perfect trust and
perfect Peace."

Part one, The Way of the Heart, teaches us the power of Forgiveness and how every experience we encounter is based on our own perception and the contents of our own mind. It teaches how Love heals all things and how every event is a neutral event given power and meaning by our own judgements and positions. When we practice self forgiveness, the world is healed right along with us . Meditations peppered throughout the text, lead us gently into the Peace within, available, and already in existence, within us all.

Part Two- The Way of Transformation, explains the journey of the Soul and it's movement into separation consciousness; the choice we each have to turn our attention inward upon the state of our own mind, to align with Love or fear and the separate thinking thought system of the Ego. This section has teachings on how to forgive and bless the past and how we are completely empowered to surrender our illusions so we can walk in Peace. By doing so, we change the world and fulfill our Soul purpose.

The Way of Knowing is Part Three of this teaching which gently invites us and encourages us to awaken. This section leads us deeper into our role as co-creators with God. Our task is simply to further transmute the ego so that we can abide fully in the Christed nature of our inheritance. By allowing purification of our minds through forgiveness practices, illness, anxiety, anger and fear in it's many guises, recede like a dream and we become free; free to live an awakened life, free to extend only Love and free to live and express as the Masters that we were born to be and extend only Love.

The Way of Mastery leads us back to ourselves, back to The Divine Love that birthed us, back to the Truth that we all are One.

In Light and Love,
A seeker on the Wisdom Path

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